Difference with advertising?

For many companies, the distinction between advertising and PR isn’t really clear. Saying that we at Evident P.R. focus especially on marketing-PR, i.e. communication with a commercial background, does not clarify the difference either. Don’t both disciplines have the same commercial communication objectives? Isn’t it just advertising? We don’t think so. Advertising mainly concerns one-way traffic: sending messages is key. The advertiser pays for broadcasting time and ads. In marketing PR, it’s all about dialogue. Relationships with journalists and other stakeholders are built up. On social media interaction with target groups is sought. There is no payment for that broadcasting time and editorial attention.


Why marketing PR?

The combination of marketing and PR is much more than the simple addition of two concepts. Both support and reinforce each other. Marketing PR is a communication discipline that conveys a commercial message in a journalistic way. Neutral, without much 'finery'. And therefore much more credible and accurate. Through a sophisticated (content) strategy, free publicity is generated: editorial attention from the media for your products or services.

We only achieve this, however, by realizing (sufficient) news value. After all, online and offline media will certainly release editorial space for good news.


Media are media

PR makes óthers talk about you. That is another difference with advertising: advertising is based on the sender. Moreover, we do not (or no longer) use only press releases and interviews, but combine a whole range of PR resources. From blogs and social media posts, to video content, SEO and SEA, events, company visits and partnerships with editors. We also include the 'traditional media', such as (professional) magazines. This sometimes surprises people. "Are they still relevant?" is a frequently heard comment.

'Old media' no longer exist however. Where a magazine used to be a magazine only, nowadays there’s a complete communication company behind it with websites, own platforms, social media channels, video content, newsletters and blogs. And these media have considerable authority in many areas. When they state something about your company, it is credible and has more value.



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