How to be visible and available online

Most companies are well aware of the importance of a good website and a good online marketing strategy. The developments in this area move fast and are sometimes hard to keep up with. Investing in your online visibility, however, always pays off, because almost everyone who is looking for a product or service immediately checks Google. If you do not appear in the top 3 of the search results or do not pop up on the first page of Google, you miss out on a lot of potential business. We help our customers to be visible online, reach the right target group and gain profit from their online channels. We provide the following services for this.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is about optimizing the content on a website to obtain a higher ranking in Google. Before starting SEO optimization, we conduct a comprehensive keyword search to define the most appropriate keywords. Based on those relevant keywords we then optimize the current content on your website. In addition, we ensure optimization of the URLs, meta texts and page titles. Through valuable and relevant content (e.g. from optimized blogs) we keep the website up to date on an on-going basis; being an important point for the ranking in Google too. In addition, we provide advice on link building: the principle of placing (or having placed) hyperlinks on relevant external websites to build up authority in Google.


Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

The advantage of search engine optimization is that its effect is sustainable. After all, ranking built up via search engine optimization has value in the long term. The disadvantage is that building up this ranking takes time. In addition, more and more positions on Google are being reserved for advertisements (the top four results are now ads, where this used to be the first three). That’s why advertising through the Google search network to direct traffic to your website is a good option. Through Google, we are able to accurately serve your target audience with an ad tailored to their search query. In addition, we build your brand awareness via Google or approach visitors who have not taken action once again with re-marketing advertisements.


Social Media

Social media channels are an excellent way to generate brand awareness, leads and sales. Thanks to all the data collected by Facebook, LinkedIn and other platforms, we can approach your target group very purposeful. Based on their branch, profession, age or gender for example. By using social media effectively, these messages and advertisements reinforce other marketing communications.


Multi-channel approach

We are convinced that an integrated approach yields the best results in most cases. Most prospects and customers do not only go to your website or only click through to your product via Facebook. Depending on your product or service, there may be a few or a dozen touch points between your marketing communications and your customer before he shows his interest or places an order. By aligning your marketing messages via the different channels, they reinforce each other and ensure a uniform brand positioning and message. Especially in online marketing, measuring = knowing. We always base our advice on data from Google Analytics and other monitoring tools and check whether the online tracking is in order. This way you can measure exactly what your return on investment is.



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