Distinction is in the organization itself

Tell what you deliver, show your products or elaborate on your services. Sometimes companies say something about why they are doing so well, or at least better than others, but often that’s it. Little distinctive.

Yet, most companies present themselves this way. Almost all of them know quite well what they deliver (products or services) and sometimes even how they do that (USPs). But why they do it often remains a mystery, even for them.


Deciding on rational grounds?

It is the 'why' that matters most in communication. What distinguishes an organization from others, what are its motives, what is the higher goal? In short: what is its DNA? What feeling does the company give me and why should I buy from them?

The choice for a supplier of course depends first of all on the quality of the product. Immediately after that, delivery time, price, guarantee and service follow. But if products and services are comparable in that area, will my choice then still be based solely on rational grounds? And do I make a rational choice at all? The answer to that is no!


Good feeling about your choice

Choices are often made on emotional grounds (also in business!). One chooses a company that thinks alike and considers the same important. Where one gets a good feeling. Often one already conveys that feeling in practice, for example in personal contact with the decision-makers. We often call that the 'grant factor'. It is based on the good feeling that is evoked by the decision-maker because of someone's enthusiasm, examples, stories and convictions. But wouldn’t it be nice to express that good feeling even stronger in the communication? To even start with it! With the Brand-Essence Model of Evident P.R. we clearly map the basis of that feeling and use it for effective PR.


Affect decisions

A company that approaches the market out of its 'why' communicates on a higher, emotional level. The 'what and how' are obviously part of this.

























"Your WHY touches emotion and drives behaviour.

People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.


Simon Sinek

It's about drive and passion

The 'why' of a company should clearly not be invented by a communications advisor. That 'Why', that drive, is in the people of the company itself. We can at most play a role to bring it up and carry it through in all communication.

Evident P.R. has a passion for good stories! What are the stories of your company? We look for the drive and passion in your company, together with the people who play an important role in this.

Before proposing and initiating a communication program, we like to define the ‘Why’ of your company. We individually interview an important part of the staff to reach a well formulated Why. This Why is then used to improve the content of websites, social media channels and news reporting and make it a lot more interesting. Moreover, we immediately have a common thread, repeated anywhere, anytime. Which permanently reinforces your message.

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