Media landscape

When we talk to companies about the press or the media, they often still see them in a traditional way. One thinks of 'dusty (trade) magazines, no longer read by anyone’. Nothing could be further from the truth! These 'traditional media' have now grown to be authorities in their area. Not only using their professional journal, but also newsletters, blogs and vlogs, websites, online platforms and social media. Always aimed at a journalistic vision, with the purpose of presenting news to their readers / followers. Of course, in addition, there are many ‘new’ media. Obviously we also involve them in our approach. Vloggers and micro-influencers, for example. They have their own target groups and approach. We contact them on behalf of our customers too.


Media specialists

Our media specialists know the way in the extensive and complicated media landscape in the Netherlands. They ensure that your news reaches both the right medium and the right person. This increases the chance of attention and placements / posts. Our media specialists select the right media and maintain personal relationships with journalists. This results into the media often, in return, turning to Evident P.R. as well.

The media specialists also advise on media strategy, based on the commonly developed content strategy. Frequently used means, in addition to press releases, are interviews and editorial visits. And our online marketers know the world of Google, Facebook and LinkedIn inside out. Our editorial visits to publishers of consumer and trade journals bring your company to the attention of (chief) editors and publishers in an intrusive way.



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