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How unique is your story?

We often notice that companies operating in a particular industry, tell stories about themselves that are not very different from the ones their competitors use. Try and visit the website of some of your competitors and check their 'About us' section. Now visit the webpage of your own company where your story is presented. Does your story really stand out? And would someone who is not in your industry recognize your story, if you did not mention the name of your company?

Decisions are based on emotions
Applying emotion is a common practice in consumer marketing. Oddly enough, this is not the case in most B2B markets. B2B marketing material is often primarily, if not solely, focused on facts and figures. But if all the data looks equally great for two similar companies, how does a prospect make his decision? That's right: on his gut feeling. "It simply feels better to do business with them. Somehow we just clicked". 

Good stories make us feel better
Wouldn't it be great if you could generate this feeling that makes us feel good right from the start? As soon as people visit your website, read your email or open your brochure? That would give you a head start. We call this the brand essence of a company. A powerful message to convince your customers. The only question is: how do you extract the neccesary information from your organization? And how do you make sure that everyone (in-house and outside) lives and breathes this essential story, and acts to it accordingly?

We make your brand essence tangible, visible and ready to use

We have developed our own Brand Essence Tool that enables us to find the emotion, the drive of your employees. What do they stand for, why do they enjoy their job so much and how do they interact with customers and the solutions your company offers? It is our ambition to gather these stories that exist inside your company. The next step is the writing process, during which we compose an articulate and enthusiastic story that will reflect the emotions and beliefs of your employees and the ideas behind your solutions and your brand. At our pr agency, we have more than 28 years of experience with this.

Once we have completed your story, you will be able to easily generate valuable content for your marketing efforts. This will elevate your communications. We will help you to promote your story consistently through press releases, blogs, social media posts, video's, interviews and through Google campaigns. So you can successfully  reach the right stakeholders for your company. This is what we like to call: Public Relations.

There are so many great stories to tell...


Let's create a great story for your business.

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We define what makes your brand distinctive.

We ensure that you present yourself effectively to relevant media.

We arrange publications

for credible free publicity.

We ensure that your news reaches the right media.

We write your media expressions from A to Z, for each target group.

We make sure that you achieve optimal results online as well.


Check out Simon Sinek's 

explanation of the Why:





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Contact us


+31 (0)33 455 8778

De Brand 10 – 2nd floor

3823 LH Amersfoort

Chamber of Commerce 31037321
VAT NR NL8029.12.059.B01